Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Remembering Ted

Hi pals
Its me Issac, tommorow 27th November my best pal Ted would have been 16.
Mum has'nt been able to come on here after he went OTRB but she now doing blog again in his memory based on my life without him. We miss him everyday.
In case any of you forgot him here's Ted
Quite funny pic as Ted hated the snow!!
I have a new pal in the shape of monster cat Bobo...hes huge!!!!!, it will be his first christmas with me and mum...
She also got me a playmate to make sure I not lonely...hmmmm I,m not sure??
Hope you keep reading Ted,s  blog to see what adventures I been up to and if that not enough to see what mum been knitting!!!

Thanks for reading.....

Monday, 17 June 2013

Time to say Goodbye

Hello Twitter pals
If you are reading this I have made the journey OTRB.
Don't be sad I have had a great life and made some great friends along the way.
My Mum, Issac and Bobo cat will be sad for a while (maybe not Bobo) but mums a tough old bird and I helped to raise Issac into a good boy.
I was lucky to make it to 15 and a half after suffering a stroke aged 13.
Each day I got better but then old age caught up with me.....
My walks decreased from miles to 0.18 miles to virtually non existant.
My heart wanted to play but my legs wouldnt, my breathing was becoming difficut too.
Issac was so patient with me and knew to let me rest up.

I have had a great weekend in the dub , had a run in the park too.
Its always a heart breaking decision to make but my breathing was fading.
Mum made the right one....I want to go I was ready.

I can now run free with my old dog family Charlie, Blackie and my son Kato. Not forgetting all the cats I lived with, I can cuddle with Bella Cat again.

I have one thing to say and thats enjoy life
I dont want you to be upset but try and remember me for the dog I always will be..

Old Ted "Legend"

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bank holiday Sunday at the beach

After Issac's trip to Stafford yesterday mum decided to take me to the beach...
I say me but Issac tagged along too

Had to go on lead as I did go and chase a spaniel puppy....oops.

So mum decided to let us go mooching in the sand dunes instead....off lead of course hee hee

Then we had a mooch round the rabbit holes...I nearly went down one but mum grabbed me BOL

Hope you enjoyed our pics. We home and napping now......

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Issacs tweet up

Issac went to Cannock Chase, Stafford to meet up with some twitter pals
There was Diesel the Australian Cattle Dog
                 Jess and Bonkers the Border Collies
                 Poppy the Minatuure Schnauzer
                 Buzz the Giant Schnauzer

We all got on well and played with tennis balls supplied by Jess' mum.

Heres a few photos of  the day we had .....

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well we been warned all week about the weather....snow to cover most of Britain. I not keen on snow prob due to my old age, and stiff legs but anyway we got a light scattering.
Heres a few pics of our walk this morning....

 At least the grass still ok to mooch round on....
Heres few pics of me and Issac.....

Hope you all enjoy the snow but keep warm and safe pals......